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Black Submarine Q&A in Facebook  

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All credits to Permanent Starlight

Q: Bass tone question for Si, what kind of amp or head do you use?

Si Jones: Yo! I've got an Ampeg SVT3 which I've had for years, just valve preamp/solid state power amp (tours well), it's good for recording too, just using preamp out and no speaker cab. Having said that, it was re-amped through Cabinet for some of the mixes.

Q: Good evening! Where did you take this cover photo and the other with flowers? Just wondering ^^

Mig Schillace: It was near Willington Power Station - Mig

Si Jones It was near Willington Power station in Derbyshire. Something we randomly spotted on the way to do photos there.

Q: I know many of the songs came out of the band jamming; when that took place were you playing to a click track?

Mig: Most of the tracks were recorded with us playing without click. We have done some sessions with click.

Nick: I and Dav reclock the jams in Logic. It is painful.

Q: Last time I noticed perhaps a multitrack unit on stage with you Nick McCabe, where you guys running many backing tracks live. Or is that a trade secret!

Nick: Black Submarine is obviously highly programmed, highly quantised. It would be stupid to "humanize" it so this comes straight out of Mainstage. I had an old VS1680 in case anything went awry. Something did at London, but not the main machine, but anyway, SSDs in everything now (inc the VS) so that's one less thing to worry about.

Q: Hope u are just playing your own stuff live and not verve stuff

Nick: Since we are not the verve, we won't be playing Lucky Man etc.

Q: As everything is self funding has it made it more interesting as you make the decisions and decided your own path or a headache at times?

Nick: The music industry has always appeared to us to be completely wasteful and inefficient. This way has been artistically very satisfying but accompanied by much practical frustration. Put it this way, we wouldn't likely exist without the internet.

Q: Nick - will we ever see you rocking a 335 again? Feedback city 

Nick: If I get a lovely phone call from Gibson offering me a nice slim neck in black with coil splitting I'm all over it. Anyone want to give them a nudge? One of our mates stood on my last one, it got patched up but the glue melted in Vegas. Switched to LP's shortly after.

Q: You guys getting a chance to listen to much stuff? Current faves etc? Keen to know Amelia's influences.

Amelia: I'd love to say some cool obscure influences to make myself sound hip but I often go back to my old childhood favourites which were Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, Kate Bush, Radiohead. Nowadays I guzzle music like sweets but I've recently been overdosing on John Grant, School of Seven Bells, Boards of Canada and Janelle Monae!

Q: This may not be the type of Q you are looking for but I've been dying to know the answer for years so I'll give it a go. Nick: we witnessed luggage being stolen off your tour bus by an overzealous fan during the Urban Hymns tour. Later learned it was yours through message boards, was it ever recovered?

Nick: Never recovered. I had the clothes I was wearing and nothing else. That tour stank, fnar fnar fnar. Still amazes me that someone thought stealing my used underwear was a "good idea".

Si Jones: You did smell Nick, but you know, didn't want to say anything to hurt your feelings

Black Submarine QA in Facebook - the verve - verve中文网

Q: Was Pete Salisbury ever an option to play with the band?

Nick McCabe: Weeellll... Yes... He bowed out as we were preparing for our initial session. At the time I was pretty disappointed, but he had his reasons and ultimately I think it was for the best.

Q: Still friends though?

Si Jones: Yeah, all good! In fact Pete called today, reminds me I need to call him back! Thanks.

Mig: The day Nick called me and said he had a plane ticket for me to go to Copenhagen was one of the best days of my life. We spent around 10 days recording and hanging out. I think with Pete having other commitments meant there was an opening for me to join the band. At the time Nick & I had a side project called "Field Theory" and with us being friends meant that I was in the right place at the right time (Lucky Me). It's been a huge honour to play with such great musicians and also being in a band with such lovely people. Pete, as you all know has gone on to do some incredible things, and although I've only met him a couple of times, I have to say he's a lovely fella & I'm a big fan of his playing.

Q: There is currently a campaign for the vinyl of a storm in heaven to be 're released for record store day. Would you support it?

Nick: Absolutely. We have had some involvement in the Verve legacy, as far as we're permitted, seeing as it is not uniquely ours to govern.

Q: Geeky guitar question here, but favourite pedal used on the new album? And favourite guitar?

Nick: Not a pedal, but I LOVE the Kemper Profiling Amp. That thing is RIDICULOUS. ValhallaDSP plugs and anything Eventide are also favourites. H9 is going to be a godsend.

Q: How much did working at distance (sharing stems between each other) affect the creative process and the overall sound of the band?

Amelia: Andy Lyth - for me, it allowed me to fully absorb myself in the sounds the guys were sending me, before adding my own contributions. It also meant that getting them back once someone else had worked on them was like opening a christmas present!

Q: Where did you get the name, The Black Submarine and why did you change it from The Black Ships?

Si Jones: Another band from New York had the name 'Black Ships' trademarked in the U.S. When we landed the soundtrack to Java Heat movie we had to come up with a new name, pretty quick. We already had the track 'Black Submarine' - seemed perfect!

Q: Chunky steak or meat & potato

Nick: Ha ha ha ha... It's say chunky steak, but doctor sez I'm not allowed. Ha ha.

Si Jones: Pooles meat and potato!

Q: Controversial choice Nick, I suppose that's what you get asking someone from Haydock about pies. Si, I hope you're talking about old recipe Pooles, they'd gone proper rank before they went bust. Hope all's well anyroad.

Nick: Well, Wigan can keep congratulating itself as the Pie Mecca of the UK, but us more civilised and retiring folk some 5 miles to the west quietly enjoyed our Pimmies (RIP) knowing it to be the superior food of cardiac cases.

(probably Nick): And, in truth, the secret was in the steak not being particularly chunky. Who says it's grim up north. lol

Q: Have you got a catalogue of stuff that you're working on for the next album?

Amelia: we never seem to stop writing stuff... every time we meet up new sounds start happening. We're not working on the next album in earnest yet as we want to give this one as much time and energy as we can while we get it out there and play it, but there will be no shortage of material to work on when we get to it!

Q: Is Nick primarily playing Levinson Blade guitars?

Nick: I love the Levinson guitars. I have four now. They're just brilliant sounding, well made guitars. Also liking G&L of late and my Gold Top has been back in service.
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