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A post from Nick Mccabe on Facebook  

2014-02-11 21:10:29|  分类: The Black Ships |  标签: |举报 |字号 订阅

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What a week. This is going to be a long post, please bear with me.
Got home late last night (Friday) after another hectic day of fun and Black Sub related merch chores that lucky-me got to share with my wonderful other half and (unpaid) Tour Manager Caron Malcolm and our son Casey (Assistant Tour Manager).

I will remember this week for the rest of my life.
So many thank you's are due.

A post from Nick Mccabe on Facebook - the verve - verve中文网
Mary Clayfield and Gianni Schillace at the Louisiana,- thank you so much for the use of your unbelievable venue, one of the country's very best, not only to play but to get our production together the day before and for the sanctity of your back room to house my little family while we got stuck in. Anybody familiar with Gianni's arancini (legendary) or bread and butter pudding (I'll be doing a run of t-shirts soon to ensure the legend) will know this is no mere "thank you".

Cat Called Dog's Frank McHaleand Chris Orrell, what can I say, the pleasure was all ours. Two of the nicest people I've had the good fortune to meet and a reminder of the, sorry this might be cheesy, ahem, "brotherhood" of music. Yeh, cheesy, but I mean it, so I'm not going to avoid this stuff any more, needs to be said. Instinctively I knew you'd be top lads, you and your partners are now extended family and I really enjoyed meeting you in person. The music: well that's what we dug in the first place, unbelievable, fierce, fat, scorched, levitating unabashed rock and roll played by good guys with Worzel Gummidge style switchable demon heads and great big fookin bollix. Killer. I remember people describing the White Stripes before I got to hear them proper, the sound I invented was this. Would be remiss if I didn't thank you for mucking in with loading out our Emerson Lake and Palmer-esque backline. Look forward to seeing you lot soon. I said it on the night, but absolutely seriously, let's do more, if we can help in any way, give me a shout.

Thanks to our good friends Sue Collier, John Ashton and Bill making the long trek from Gateshead to rep at the Deaf Institute, always great to see you although the presence of another St Helens lad including myself in the venue had me worried about whether the vibe would leg it out the door. No such worries. Thanks for yet more beyond-the-call, seems to be your party piece. Much love to you, and Bill, so cute... time flies.

Elly Louise McCabe consistently brilliant each night, you have proven yourself: to me, to Black Submarine, our extended family and crew, to all the awestruck onlookers at these three gigs and I hope most of all to yourself. Talent in abundance, spellbinding presence, you've found you voice and your songs are beautiful, memorable, haunted, and ready to go. This is the foundation to build on. Let me and the talented people I'm fortunate to be surrounded by help you achieve your potential this year. You could be the kind of rare artist admired by listeners of Radios 1,4,6. With about 3 percent of our logistical costs, you might even make some money as opposed to coming back of tour in debt... I am so proud of you. Someone asked me was it "nature or nurture". Answer=nature, if any of this travels gentically that is my one influence, the rest is yours, now tend and harvest that huge potential. Love you.

I always find it hard to come off tour, our amazing crew on this tour also happen to be part of Verve history. Ian Laughton, who engineered for the Verve as far back as 1992, and fresh from conquering arenas in the States with Florence and the Machine stooped to man tiny mixing consoles in small venues with us for a fraction of his usual fee. As usual full of cruelly funny advice and the kind generosity of both knowledge and spirit only someone who truly knows his shit is willing to give. A real monkeyhangin' bastid legend.
Davo, soldiering through food poisoning to lump our bloated backline, another who's used to working with the greats, and another Verve old hand, buzzing about at the side of the stage, seems like you liked our new stuff way better than the shit we peddled as the Verve. Just brilliant having you around mate and thanks for tending all our semi-functional gear, no mean feat and way beyond one man's work.
Paddy Farr we've known since our first gig supporting Spiritualised back in erm, 1991(?) I think, and I reckon his lighting had as much to do with how much we fell for that band as the music did. Incredible to see his work in places like these spectacular venues, but being on stage, in amongst this feast for the eyes is a dream. Even more enjoyable was watching you prepare all this stuff in After Effects etc, a privilege. All the crew worked their arses off this week. Quite a tough one all round since we all self drove. Made it absolutely worth it though.

The toughest part of this is trying to shout to all those who made the trip to come and see us, old friends and new. I should start by saying how sorry I am for those poor souls who fell foul of the Tube strike in London. We have figures between 30 to 90 people who failed to make it due to the chaos on London's transport. I know how bad it was, the drive in was hectic for me and crew also, so much so, one irate Scot trying a fast one near Highgate (DENIED, lol), succumbed to his ire and screamed through the window at me "you want a piece of me, you northern cunt!!!!" ROTLMAO. Between one of our good friends (next up in dedications) and myself we're going to endeavour to get the whole gig (sole camera angle unfortunately) up on Youtube as a token of empathy.

To those who made the effort to get to both gigs, my heartfelt gratitude and a slightly conceited congratulations to you. You are now part of this, we know this is special, you know this is special, as early adopters this now belongs to you, you and I know it. I had a bit of a revelation about the whole football phenomena - the teams: flux, players that are from the other end of the country, hired international managers. How does a regional team retain its identity? The FANS. They in essence ARE the team. Now if anybody gets on stage and starts playing my guitar next gigs there will be trouble, really, lol, but I don't forget these things and the crowd in Manchester particularly I can honestly say gave us the best reception I have ever had the pleasure of in that city. I wasn't sure you thought you might be too cool for us Manc, but you mucked in and gave us your best and that night will stay with me to the grave. Much love.

For all old and new friends who made this special, I am forever grateful for you turning it into the joyful experience it was. Great to catch up with those I though lost in the mists of time. Some people who are etched into the very stuff of my life, one who can lay claim to saving it more than once (you know who you are), old comrades, the good hearted, likeminded and bright people I've only met previously online and needless to say the frothing sea of madness, fun and laughter that is our legacy Verve support -wouldn't be the same without you. Especial thanks go to Ron Rushing, again mate, above and beyond the call, I think I owe you more than a drink. Safe journey home geezer, you will be missed x

To David Bianchi and all at Various Artists Management, X-Ray Touring, Purple and Bandwagon, Dawbell, Greenhouse, Insect Studios, Pledge Music, and everyone involved in the project so far- it is so good to have you smart and good people onboard, our deepest thanks for all the stellar work so far, onwards and upwards, love and respect to you all. Many thanks also to the crews and staff assisting at beautiful venues Wiltons Music Hall and Manchester Deaf Institute.

Love as always to our fantastic families and to my fellow Submariners, adorations, flowers, love, admiration, friendship.

To all those who couldn't make it, see you very soon, virtual hugs to all. x

Special thanks go to the surgeon who decided Mum really needed to be at the Black Sub gig by postponing her surgery the day before, I think there was some mention of elevated blood pressure, but his priorities were definitely in order. lots of love mum, was great to see you there. I am with you x

Finally a few words of dedication to two people who couldn't be there. My brother Paul McCabe who might have loved it, but whose pride and approval I still seek even now. I miss you mate, somehow having daughters Amy McCabe and Katie Louise McCabe grinning in photos with Mani completes the circle. Will miss you everytime we do this Paul.
John McBeath, a fixture of all things Manchester, all thing music, so easily brought to mind, and a part of all our lives, and a good friend, colleague and supporter to many of us, very greatly missed.

Okay this isn't the fuckin' oscars, is it, I'm out. Many thanks, much more love, until next time friends. Nick McCabe 
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